The CryptOOwls are crew of 777 adventurous souls who want to travel the Algoverse in search of the pure and true essence of electronic music.

Join our community of open-minded & creative night owls who want to experience themselves regardless of culture, nationality, gender or origin.

Get your unique piece of memories, emotions and stories, held for eternity in a unique collection of regenerative art in the Algoverse. A very colourful and versatile collection for all people who know that it is never enough and never stops …

Where it all begins: Berlin - The Cradle of Techno

As you can imagine, planning a journey is a really hard task, especially with having 777 unique minds at the table – a diverse tribe of characters who are in the wild tend to be real loners. 

However, there was no discussion about where this trip has to start. Talking about electro and being in search of the true and pure music experience, there is no other place than Berlin, the cradle of techno music. Thus the first destination was set and 777 owls started to get ready to take off to the capital of Germany.

Be prepared for a unique collection of owls on the verge of starting the journey. If the community decides to continue, this will just be the beginning of exploring more of the worlds most famous electro locations. If you listen to the wild chatter you will hear names like KitKat Club, BurningMan, Day Zero or Garbicz …

The night owls have arrived in Berlin and at least so far nobody got lost. Just by looking at the outfits, there is no question that these 777 crazy birds are READY TO GO and have their own individual Berlin experience.

Not only do the owls differ in character and show their true feather colours, they also express themselves by the way they dress. In their eyes you can directly see their mood and let me tell you, they are already into the Berlin-experience.

We only have vague ideas of what the night holds, but knowing all these characters, there will be no lack of fun. What happens in Berlin stays in Berlin!

The owls are preparing their first trip to Berlin in Q1 2022. After the first drops, we want to complete our drop in an interactive way with our community until Q4. Until end of the year, the community will decide which organizations we want to support with our first donation which is always based on 10% of all royalties earned per year.

Our main focus is to contribute to fighting environmental and social issues. In 2023, we will have a big voting if the owls shall continue their journey to new locations and if we can implement a reward system for all owl holders.

Creative Owl

Developing the vision for the journey & bringing the stories to life in words and images as real digital assets

Technology Owl

Almost living on the Blockchain and being the technology guide who is leading our owls to the world of Algorand

Ranger Owl

Taking care of our future roadmap ahead and making sure that the voice of our community is  heard as our priority #1

Like all little birds, our owls love twittering around & connecting with each other in this digital space where everything can be shared and discussed
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If you really  interested in the CryptOOwls, everybody is invited to enter the public owl mansion on our discord for participating & staying up to date
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For all those creative souls who hold a digital CryptOOwl, you will be granted entrance to the “holders room” on our community discord
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